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Friday, April 11, 2008

~Life Drawings~

I thought it would be fun to make a video of the drawing process. A few months ago I got into figure drawing and I just could not do anything else. This happens every year. I will get tired of a particular medium or subject and I will get into another, until I get tired of it too. Looking back now, I'm glad I made this videos, because right after I uploaded them to Blogger and to Youtube, my computer crashed and all my images were wiped out.


tropicalmalibu said...

Woow i seriosly loved your drawings, Thanks for adding a video aswell. I have watched your other videos aswell, all of them are great. Drawing is so special i think its so different from any other art form. Great job..

The song you added to this video is one of my favorite songs by Julio Iglesias. It reminded me of my teenage days:) Now his son Enrique Iglesias is one of my daughters favorite singer. I think we both like the same kind musics..

I enjoyed reading your posts and watching your videos so much.

By the way thanks for visitingmy blogg.. keep in contact.

Take care

~Zurama~ said...

Thanks Shannell!

Salva said...

Questi disegni sono incredibili.
Disegnare e´ stata sempre una mia passione sin da piccolo.

Ho messo il tuo link nel mio Blog Zurama.


~Zurama~ said...

Thank you Salva :)