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Friday, March 13, 2009

Inspiration From my Kids

These two cartoons were inspired by my two youngest daughters. Zury was just like the first cartoon. She sucked her thumb until she was nine and as a toddler she walked around dragging her little blanket and wearing my slippers. She was always quiet and just stared everybody down.

Zibelle on the other hand, was a fireball. She was like the Tasmanian devil. After a nap she would wake up with this little grin on her forehead, that looked like two little horns. ;D

My oldest James I drew many times as he was growing up.

Then there is Mickie, the youngest who I turned into Cupid at six months old.


Francesca Romana ALEGI said...

so if I 've understood, you have 4 children! Well these paints are really wonderful!!! And as much as you were inspired by your children.
Very nice Zurama, I FOUND THIS LOVABLE!
Regards from Rome!

Salva said...

Ciao Zurama,

bellissimi disegni. Inspirati ai tuoi bimbi, immagino che li hai disegnati un pó dalla memoria. Per una madre normale penso ;)

Un abbraccio da colonia per te e famiglia,

Salva :)

Acuarius said...

Un saludo, artista

Persida said...

Zurama dear friend, I wish you good morning and good weekend. I come to invite you to come take a patch for you, get my friends. Affectionately your friend
Persida Silva

Persida said...

How are you dear friend Zurama? Since we do not have them contact forgive me. I send you kisses