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Friday, December 26, 2008

Figure Drawing #2


Salva said...

E´ quel tipo di quadri, che nonostante mostra la nudita´ di una donna, rimane innocente.

Semplicemente bellissimo.

~Zurama~ said...

Thank you Salva! and you need to start painting again. Milforn Zornes was local American artist here and he died at the age of 100, and painted everyday.

It's good for the soul, believe me!


Salva said...

yes i think you are right Zurama. I have paint all my life. No exactly paint, but disegni, dont know the word in english. Is what you make before you give colours. That i mean.

I have leave that when my parents die.

But yes, i have to restart. Im not good like you of course. But was/is a big passion from me.


PS: i insert the link in my Blog of mickie today. In english and in spanish.

Sorry for ma bad english Zurama.

~Zurama~ said...

Your English is not bad, I understand what you write.

Was it Drawing (Dibujar)? You are probably just as good. Everyone has a different style and I don't any artist is better then another. We are all different. The important thing is to paint or draw from the heart (pintar, dibujar con el corazon)and I have a feeling you have a lot of heart.

I added your link to all my blogs.


manu said...

Very, very beutiful!!!

~Zurama~ said...

Thank you Manu.


Salva said...

Grazie mille Zurama, is a honor for me read your words :)

Aguaya said...

Recibe un abrazo desde Berlín y mis mejores deseos para ti y tu familia en el 2009, Zurama.

Salva said...

Zurama, ti auguro un buon 2009 a te e alla tua famiglia. E che il 2009 porti miglioramento in tutto per voi.

Con affetto,

shirley said...

wow! zurama that is beautiful.. i love it.. i can't draw like that.. i only sketch.. imperfect figure did it very well.. you are gifted.. Happy New Year to you!.. how is your Mickey? have you seen my other blog? you are welcome there...

chiquitacubana said...

Gracias Zurama por visitarme y permitirme apreciar tu creación. Contenta de conocerte, y un feliz 2009.
Mis cuadros andan por casa de Heriberto Hernández, aquí...
un abrazo.

Sofia said...

Me gusta pintar desnudos, y es de los cuadros que más me gusta de evaluar.:)
Muy lindos Zurama!