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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Rosmy the Cartoon

This is Rosmy. I created this character 30 years ago as a sort of therapy to cope with how much I missed my friends in Cuba in particular my best friend. I named her Rosmy as a way to keep her memory alive. I was thirteen years old when I created the original drawing. I will post it when I find it.

I got busy with life and forgot about her for about 15 years, then I decided to start drawing her cartoon again, so I showed it to my brother, who by then was very Americanized and he said, "You do realize she is not wearing a top"?. To which I said, "So".......then I thought for a moment and realized I was very much a 100% Cuban when I drew her for the first time. I remember that back in the island it was common to see little girls walking around at the beach with no top, though my mom doesn't remember that, I do.

Anyways I modified her and put some clothes on her after that. I also draw her mom and a boy version I named Fifi, after a boy a had a crush on, when I was in fifth grade, back in Cuba. I'll be posting these cartoons in the future, just for fun.


Salva said...

Simpatica Rosmy :)
Mi auguro che fai un cartoon con Rosmy :)

Anche i cartoon o comics sono riconosciuti come Arte! E ci sono cartoon unici che valgono molo, specie se si tratta di limited edition!
Sono curioso di vedere altri disegni di Rosmy :)


~Zurama~ said...

Fue muy terapeutico dibujar a Rosmy :)

MentesSueltas said...

Zurama, un placer descubrirte. Seguir{e por aqui.

Te abrazo

lys said...

Tiene caracter esta rosmy, como su autora.

Un beso

~Zurama~ said...

Gracias MentesSueltas y lys.