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Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Harmony Mural

I few days ago I found some old photographs I had taken of a mural I did in 1993, during college. It was a project I was chosen to do, after submitting a proposal.

The day the local Newspaper photographed it and interviewed me, there was an African-American woman sitting at the cafeteria when it was hung and she happened to be studding to be a nurse, just like the one on in the mural, which was a nice coincidence. The girl in the red dress I took out of an image that I used in on of my paintings. The Japanese Ballet dancer was inspired by a girl I met in Dance class. The fighter pilot was a good friends daughter, the suit she is wearing belonged to her stepfather and that same year the first female fighter pilot was announced.

The Native American is a friend of mine (she is Navajo), who agreed to pose for some photographs, and I picked this one, because she looked proud and majestic, much different from the submissive depictions of the past. She came to see the mural before I delivered it to the college and she loved her portrait, so that was very rewarding to me.

I envisioned "Women in Harmony", as a group of women, in a great big room (earth), living in harmony. If only life could imitate art, all the problems on earth would be resolved. It was chosen and I got the materials and worked on it in the living room of my apartment.

I worked mostly from photographs, since I had too little kids by then and it was easier to work at home and I painted mostly at night when they were asleep. On the floor were different symbols depicting religions around the world. I placed painting on the wall of the room, showing a time lime, from ancient times, to the days of the dreadful corsets, to slavery, the beginning of the woman's liberation and finally a blind woman graduating from college. The mural measured 12 feet long by 6 feet high. I wish I had the rest of the photographs, since the mural wasn't quite finished when I took these.


machinepolitick said...

Very nice Zurama!

~Zurama~ said...

Thank you machine. It was a nice project and I really enjoyed it.

Salva said...

non ho parole Zury, davvero non ho parole. Semplicemente geniale!

Parlavo proprio questi giorni con due amici su di té. Ho mostrato loro questo tuo blog, ed erano rimasti a bocca aperta.

Un giorno, si, un giorno compreró un quadro da té. Quando avró la mia casa di proprietá. Spero che anche se diventerai famosissima, mi farai un prezzo buono per un tuo quadro ;)

Un abbraccio Zury,

Salva :)

~Zurama~ said...

Grazie Salva, provenienti da voi, mi sento molto onorato.

Un forte abbraccio a te e alla tua famiglia.

Il tuo amico in America,